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Welcome. I am a the host of literary voice on Dorc TV, an author, poet and storyteller living in Toronto , Canada.   My passion is expressing my art using any and all mediums available to me. Feel free to explore my portfoli

About Me

My Background


 Born in Ghana, West Africa, Nana Yaa Yeboaa is a storyteller, poet and host of literary voices, an online podcast and Television program. Nana Yaa Yeboaa engages with community, the complex social narratives and its impact on the individual. With over a decade in writing and narrating stories, she has self-published two books of poetry, Lamentations by The Banks of The Volta (2015) and Roots of a Woman (2017). She has published two books of children’s literature as well, How the World Got Ananse Stories and Why the Lizard Bobs Its Head. She also in partnership with in Ghana runs ADESA festival amongst other literary programs 

My Mediums


I use many different mediums, oral storytelling, poetry, literary festivals to engage and share the horrors, beauty, hope of life and love. 

My Inspiration


I enjoy reading and driving in my spare time . My writing is influence by my experiences and the on goings in the world.  I explore this journey called life. The stories told and untold.